Year 12 debating skills


Motion for debate: “Russia is engaging in cyber war against  democratic states.”


Source text 1 The Guardian 19 November 2017: 

Disruption games: why are libertarians lining up with autocrats to undermine democracy?

Source text 2 El Pais 23 November 2017:

Ecuador calls on Julian Assange not to interfere in the Catalan crisis

Source text 3 The Guardian 31 October 2017:

Russia-backed Facebook posts ‘reached 126m Americans’ during US election



TASS Russian News Agency

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Home

Sergey Lavrov has made a number of statements on this topic in the past weeks: read them and build a counter argument.  “Why would Russia interfere with western democratic elections?”
Kremlinster Palace.jpg

Image credit The New European, 25 November 2017, a newspaper carrying another story this week about the Russian influence on Brexit.  (This article is behind a paywall so you cannot access it but the image is a good one for our theme.)

One line of argument you may like to explore is the “cui bono?”
Cui bono?” literally “for whose benefit?” is a Latin phrase which is still in use as a key forensic question in legal and police investigation: finding out who has a motive for a crime.
Cui bono?  “Russia clearly attempted to manipulate the results of the US and French presidential elections. Why on earth would it not seek to diminish one of the world’s leading nuclear powers and undermine the European trading bloc by interfering with the Brexit referendum?”

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