Geog KS3 Yr 9

27 November 2017:  this page is a teaching development page.  If you are a Year 9 student looking for the Canaries Teide volcano role play homework, please follow this link.

Developing a volcano role-play for Year 9.

Following successful running of the USGS standard earthquake management role-play, for the third year running, I decided to launch a volcano management role-play and looked for something suitable online.  There was nothing available for this age group.

I decided to adapt a complex specialist tertiary level role-play from New Zealand, geared to trainee graduate geology/hazard students (see pdf file), and transpose the geography to a location more familiar to my students: the Mount Teide volcano in the Canaries.

We looked at how volcanic islands are formed over a hot spot (example of Hawaii).  Here is a simulation produced by Aukland Museum in New Zealand:

As luck would have it, there are two volcanoes in the main breaking news as we turn our attention to this topic: in Bali and Mexico.  For some time there have also been suggestions of renewed volcanic activity in the Canaries.

Teide 5





Now we needed to get it into a form Year 9 could work with, and a one hour lesson plan…  Volcano role play: Teide




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