Geog Yr11 GCSE

In the school year 2016-2017 Year 10 was combined with Year 11 in GCSE Geography. Consequently, it was a bit of a strange year for Year 10 students, with short introductions to topics while the Year 11 students were being prepared for mocks and external exams.

There was a need to fill in the detail with some topics and also to build up the portfolio of case study material.  Some of this has been done in the Summer Homework and will not be revisited during Year 11.   If you were one of those who did not complete all exercises set for the summer work – or did only brief and sketchy answers to those topics – you are putting yourself at risk of not having sufficient knowledge in some areas.  You need to take responsibility for your preparation.  My assessment of the work done in the summer is that only ONE student has completed all tasks fully and in a way that completes the first half of the course.  You need to take responsibility for your own preparation.  

The style of the exercises in the New Wider World book has a twofold purpose:  1. they are guided reading exercises, in other words they are designed to help you explore the text systematically and all the material needed to do the exercises can be found in the text; 2. they also give you a clear idea of the knowledge base required for GCSE exams, together with the checklist at the end of each unit which tells you what key terms you should know and what key ideas you should be familiar with.

Some topics still need to be covered in full, as in a normal planned two year GCSE course and we will do these topics next.  Starting with climate and weather we shall complete the rest of the topics in the book, with some time set aside later in the Autumn Term for exam preparation for mocks.



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