5. Urbanisation in LEDCs

Slum cities in LEDCs

These are known by various names e.g. favelas, shanty towns, etc.

1. Use the following flash animation to show stages of development of a shanty town (favela): http://www.sln.org.uk/geography/geoweb/blowmedown/shanty05.swf

2. Shanty towns in South Africa: http://www.geographyinthenews.rgs.org/news/article/default.aspx?id=287

3. This link is to an A-level “Geocases” Geography page but there are links to useful materials about LEDC slums. http://www.geocases2.co.uk/saopaulo2.htm

4. Sao Paolo http://www.geocases2.co.uk/saopaulo1.htm

5. Morar Carioca Project http://www.siemens.com/press/pool/de/events/2014/infrastructure-cities/2014-06-CCLA/rio-climate-close-up.pdf

6. Janeiro (Int 1, 2)_tcm4-4142077. Urban life in Manila BBC documentary exploring the reasons people migrate from rural areas to shanty towns, and why it is difficult for the authorities to remove these populations back to the countryside.  The problems of counter-urbanisation are often the subject of exam questions, so this video should be studied closely because it shows the problems very well.



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