Settlement dynamics

Settlement Dynamics:

The Green Girdle: a 1941 educational film about the green belt (see p.149 in your book). The film is typical of the documentary style of the period, showing a romanticised view of rural landscape.  It must also be remembered that the country was at war when the film was made, although it is not very evident from the film!

Take a look at the website which deals with the planning and implementation of green belt policies:

“The idea of a green belt in the UK in the true meaning of the word dates to the 1930’s when the Greater London Regional Planning Committee proposed the Metropolitan Green Belt around London. However, it was not until 1947 when the Town and Country Planning Act allowed the local authorities to include green belts in their town plans, while the first green belts were not designated until the 1950’s.”

For the British government’s main policy statements on the green belt, see the planning guidance website:



Case study:

1. Read and study carefully the Case Study of the Isle of Purbeck
(p.155 – 158 in your book)  Do Section 3.1 Activities on page 158

Use Google maps to explore the Purbeck area in more detail to help identify the settlements in the area.
2. Study the changing morphology of metropolitan villages p.150 – 151 and write an explanation of this type of village.


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