Urban regeneration: London Olympics

Case study: Urban regeneration and the London 2012 Olympics 

Some resources are linked here, and you may find other material with a Google search. Remember to skim read research documents and look for useful data. Do not read whole documents or passages that are beyond the scope of your enquiry. This is good practice in the discipline of filtering your material to extract relevant information. You do not need to read everything, and you do not need to look at every document here.

The claims that the London Olympics benefited London www.bbc.com/news/uk-23370270

Figure 7 – Clearing the Olympic site.

Social Consequences of Urban Regeneration
Case Study: London Olympic Village 

Two PDF files giving background information on the regenerative effects of the 2012 Olympic Games

Paul Watt (2013) It’s Not For Us – Olympics effect – gentrification


Other sources for research:

GCSE FW_Olympics2012websites

Regeneration In London



The following video is a presentation on how the London Olympics might be assessed as a regenerator of East London. Urban planning specialist, Dr Andrew Smith from the University of Westminster.


The argument against the idea that the Olympics would provide “affordable” housing is gentrification. (p.164 in the book). This article about property in Stratford is a good explanation of how gentrification works in this case study:



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