8. Resources (energy)

Look at this La Nucia power generation curiosity:

Early hydroelectric power in La Nucia was provided by the Moli de l’Almarx. This was a flour mill by day and at night the grindstones were decoupled to make way for a turbine to power electric lighting in a very small area of La Nucia.  The stone grinding wheels and machinery can be seen in the photographs. Another very similar mill existed until quite recently in Polop and it is now a restaurant.  The cut-away diagram shows the workings of that mill/power generator.

Moli de l'Almarx, La Nucia

Moli de l’Almarx, La Nucia

La Nucia mill interior (the electricity dynamo has long since disappeared)

La Nucia mill interior (the electricity dynamo has long since disappeared)

Interior of the mill at Polop showing the position of the mill wheels and dynamo

Interior of the mill at Polop showing the position of the mill wheels and dynamo

Further details (in Spanish can be found on Paco Amillo’s Benidorm history blog:

Essay: Spain’s Energy Policy: is it realistic?

Using some of the reference materials below

KeyWorld2014 IEA Key World Energy Statistics 2014

Spain is a founder member of the IEA and publications about each country’s energy policy are available on the website. Here is the page for Spain.

2011 news story about the change of government and implications for nuclear policy http://www.world-nuclearnews.org/NP_Political_shift_for_Spanish_nuclear_2311111.html

2012 news story about Garoña nuclear power station closure http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/C-Garona_to_shut_in_mid_2013-1009124.html

2012 article about Spanish nuclear and renewables policies: An Irrational Pro-renewables policy (Word document: hard copy given out in lesson.)


Pie chart showing division of Spanish energy (imported and domestic) from 2012 article cited above

Spain’s nuclear energy history and current policies are explored in this document from the Spanish Renewable Energy Association (APPA). Spain Nuclear Policy

Website for Spanish nuclear energy is the Foro Nuclear which contains a very accessible range of information aimed at raising public awareness.  (The latest information regarding the shut-down of Garoña can be also seen here.)  http://www.foronuclear.org/en/nuclear-energy/nuclear-energy-in-spain

Coal in Spain http://www.greenpeace.org/international/Global/international/planet-2/report/2008/10/english-summary-coal-in-spain.pdf


http://renew-on-line.blogspot.co.uk/  David Elliot’s renewable energy blog. “I produce a series of Blogs on renewable energy: * A bimonthly newsletter Renew On Line: http://renew-on-line.blogspot.co.uk/ alternating with a shorter RenewExtra Blog: http://renewextra.blogspot.co.uk/ * A monthly policy blog: http://delliott6.blogspot.co.uk/ * A weekly IoP ‘Renew Your Energy’ blog: http://blog.environmentalresearchweb.org/author/dxe/ I am Emeritus Professor of Technology Policy at the Open University.”

Clean energy information for Spain, from energy portal Reegle  Renewable energy investment strategies and resource availability Renewable energy review Spain 2012 Spain and Portugal lead the way on renewable energy http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2011/02/spain-and-portugal-lead-the-way-on-renewable-energy-transformation

Other links:

Electricity grid and connectedness: Spain as an “energy island”  (2014 article) http://www.renewablesinternational.net/spain-as-an-island/150/537/79983/

2010 news story “Spain helps out neighbour France in green power surge” (export of renewables-generated power from Spain to France during French shortage.)


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