3.1 Plate Tectonics

Year 10 Christmas homework:

Two earthquakes compared: read about the two earthquakes on  pages 270-274: one in an MEDC and one in an LEDC, and complete all the exercises (a – h) in Question 3 on page 277. All answers must be in full sentences and with full details and explanations.

For first lesson back after Christmas please.


Future world + 250 million years

In plate tectonics we are looking at a story that is hundreds of millions of years old.  We see a world which has been changing in ways we find difficult to comprehend, with continents moving and seas being formed and disappearing.  

We learn to see ourselves as temporary specks of dust in a story that has hundreds of millions of years of change behind it, and will continue to change for hundreds of millions of years in the future.  We live on the edge of a Mediterranean Sea which was once the prehistoric Tethys Ocean, and which will disappear in the future to become the Mediterranean Mountains, a system higher than the Himalayas, as Africa forces its way into Eurasia squeezing out the Mediterranean and destroying all the Europe we know, in “Pangaea Ultima” – the return to the one supercontinent.  The remaining single body of water might be named “Panthalassa Ultima.”

That is a great story: it has a pre-history, a present story, and story of a future we will never know.  That is what makes this topic of tectonic plates in Geography interesting for me.  I hope it will fascinate you too.

Geology Kitchen: a very good short video explaining plate tectonics through kitchen analogies. The saucepan with the cocoa acting like plates of earth’s crust is particularly instructive.

Instructions for Vlad, homework and next week’s lesson:

  • Homework as set this week 2/12/15: Read pages 264 and 265 and do exercise 1 (a,b,c,d only) on page 276.
  • 9/12/15 Lesson will include:
    – Exercise 1e on page 276.
    – Read pages 264-265 on different plate margins
    – Watch the “Geology Kitchen” video above.
    – Powerpoint to be used in lesson: Plate_boundaries
  • Homework for 9/12/15 will be Ex.2 on page 277 for Monday 14 Dec.




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