Climate Change Controversies

New Wider World unit 13 has a significant section devoted to climate change.

It is important to know that your GCSE exam responses must mention man’s effect on global warming and your answers must be in line with these views in order to achieve the marks, as we can seen from examining mark schemes from earlier exam questions on climate.

However, it is clear that political views are also involved in these matters, as well as scientific or geographical facts. Even your geography syllabus is affected by the politics of the arguments. While you must remember to say all the “right” things in the exam, this is a topic where we need to understand there are two points of view (at least!). There are respectable climate scientists who totally disagree with the explanations of global warming that you are expected to learn as a GCSE student.  You are expected to say that man-made CO2 gases cause global warming; you are not expected to know anything about the counter-explanation.  It is a shame that political and emotional arguments have now produced a situation where the facts are buried in a great mountain of papers, as claim and counter-claim produce a dizzy pile of information that we must ascend with care, while entering a fog of propaganda and manipulation of data from both sides.

Education is about examining the full picture, not just one side of it, and so we shall need to open up the full debate and look very carefully at the writings and pronouncements of a representative range of scientists on both sides.  Your textbook only presents one side of the argument. We shall look at some of the key arguments and political context of all views.

There are many useful resources available on the internet to help your study, and I will be referring to them in class.  There are more links in the Global Climate pages of this blog, and you may wish to look at the materials yourself and do some extra reading.



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