Geog Yr 13 A2

Mock exam preparations

  1. A-level sample candidate responses (2011) with commentary: this is useful reading: 9696_Geography_Example_Candidate_Responses_2011_WEB
  2. The compilation lists of exam questions by subject for the past five years.  This has been a great labour: it has taken hours to put these together!  Please make full use of them to look at the frequency of particular types of question and topic.  The mock exam questions will be drawn from these past papers, so make good use of them in your preparations.
    A2 Paper 2 Hazardous Compilation
    A2 Paper 3 Environmental Management Compilation
  3. Finally have a look at the 2014 past papers. Geography papers are arranged in sets: 9696=course number; s13 = summer 2013, w13 = winter 2013; Insert (in), Mark Scheme (ms), Paper (qp).  These are useful because you can practice the questions and use the mark scheme to self-mark.








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