Hum 1: Production, Location & Change


  • 1.1 Agricultural systems and food production
  • 1.2 The management of agricultural change
  • 1.3 Manufacturing and related service industry
  • 1.4 The management of industrial changeIntroductory lesson on agriculture: the two agricultural revolutions, Neolithic and Industrial Revolution: production-location-change-1Von Thünen’s theoretical land use model: production-location-change-2Factors affecting agricultural production, natural and human. Inputs and outputs. production-location-change-3

Common Agricultural Policy

Reading: an introduction to the history of the CAP and a summary of the policy in the introduction to Akrill book: Common Agricultural Policy

Viewing: the video below Brief Guide to the EU Common Agricultural Policy was produced as a student introduction to the CAP for AS Economics.


Another good introductory video is this 2010 presentation on the food crisis in Europe which led to the reform of the CAP.  Some very good focus on the problems of farmers who want to produce good quality food and be environmentally friendly, while still being economically viable.  Why should the CAP support small farmers?

Further explanation of the reform of the CAP is developed in this Country File programme focusing on the way that farmers receive subsidies, the economics of farming, and shows in a clear way what are the main problems and questions around payment of subsidies.  Again there is an emphasis towards the end of the video on the environmental measures of the reformed CAP.

The website shows the detail for farm subsidies from the CAP, so you can see for example who gets the main subsidies in Spain

“Brexit” and the implications for the UK and the EU in agricultural policy

The February 2017 NFU (National Farmers Union) conference was the first opportunity for farmers to discuss the implications of Brexit.  The BBC Radio 4 programme Farming Today  reported on this conference in the clip linked below.

The story of British agriculture

Charlotte Smith explores the story of British farming and debates its post-Brexit future.


Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)


Case studies for 1.2 Management of Agricultural Change

Case study of one country at two different scales:

Understand agricultural change at the local level, at the scale of the holding or producer.
Understand agricultural change at the national level.

See nisperos case study page.