Sand dunes

Sand dunes are a dynamic land form and are a complex inter-relationship between minerals (sand) and vegetation (grass and other plants). They are created by onshore winds and affected by evapotranspiration and the water table.  This part of the Coastal Environments unit is studied as a discrete topic but obviously connects with coastal landforms in general.

The main areas of interest are sand dune succession (the way that dunes are created differently according to their distance from the sea) and sand dune management which concerns the preservation of dunes and also the prevention of their encroachment on land (e.g. farmland or domestic properties).

sand dune cross-section

PPT used in lesson: sand dune succession

The following video was filmed in Studland Bay, tracing the progress of biological succession which has taken place there over the last four hundred years.  As with coral reefs, there is some cross-over with biology in this topic but we must be careful to keep our focus on the land forms.


East Sussex sand dune management plan:

sand-dunes 1



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