Mass movements

On the main reference page for landslides on the British Geological Survey website, you will find all the different mass movement types, with illustrations and examples, including links to YouTube videos of landslides, mudflows, rockfalls and other events:

Bio-engineering: use of coco coir netting for slope control in LEDC

This is a good example of sustainable slope control method used in Philippines with local product.



The full report is to be found here.

Dave Petley’s October 2016 anniversary review of the event is to be found on his Landslide Blog


Chamonix Valley or Montroc avalanche 1999

Chamonix Valley or Montroc avalanche 1999

The 1999 Chamonix Valley (or Montroc) avalanche will be studied as a case study. Details can be seen here:

Avalanche prevention measures

Avalanche prevention measures

Types of avalanche flow:

1. Slow build up of solid ice and debris, flowing through drainage channel.

2. Fast dry snow avalanche.

3. Fast extreme debris avalanche.

4. Everest avalanche, April 2014, eyewitness film of rescue after deadly avalanche that killed 16 climbers.

Case study Chamonix (Montroc) avalanche 1999.

The following video has a French commentary.

Aftermath of a later avalanche in the Chamonix valley, with some details about rescue and avalanche management techniques (see helicopter sequence).

There is some very useful discussion of probability and slope profile in the Montroc avalanche case on


Montroc avalanche 1999: slope profile. From

General information to supplement the avalanche pages in your book can be found on that site, on this page:

Further avalanche information:


Sink holes explained:


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