Vaiont Dam Landslide 1963

There is a clear need to evaluate the geology of the surrounding area when planning a dam project, and the case study of the Vaiont Dam catastrophe of 1963 demonstrates this very well.

08_12 Vajont failure 2

A good summary of the main points of the Vaiont landslide can be found on Dave Petley’s blog and a more developed treatment (by R. Genevois and P.R. Tecca) can be downloaded as a PDF file: Vaiont landslide state-of-the-art

Video documentary evidence about construction of the dam and the landslide event:

1. Construction of the dam: documentary in Italian:

2. “Fly-by” showing the sequence of the Vaiont valley landslide and flood:

3. Model dam fail: a school geography experiment showing a model dam saturated with water which finally fails.

4. Documentary with photographs of the disaster:

5. Video showing the Vaiont Dam as it is today, and the memorial in Casso to the 2000 victims of this catastrophe. 

6. Dave Petley’s presentation at the  Vaiont conference in Padua showing how common major landslides are when resulting from dam construction in mountainous areas.


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