4. Population

Excellent documentary in the context of a live presentation of the issues. 2 billion child limit is an interesting concept. Education of women as a major factor in limiting population growth.

Population study is not just about numbers, but the numbers take a very central place in all discussion of demographics.  Demographic = demos (people) + graphos (writing), i.e. “writing people” or simply studying population.

The Demographic Transition Model (DTM) relates the stages of human development to the patterns of population change, charting a country’s journey through the industrial and post-industrial changes typical of modern economic development.

Use this introductory DTM video to follow up work done in class:

Animated population pyramids are a very instructive way to understand demographic change. Here is an animated pyramid for the UK from the Office for National Statistics.


The Spain 2010 pyramid is here: http://populationpyramid.net/Spain/2010


Malthus miffed?  An introduction to demography by Professor Joel Cohen:


Population pyramids

The Economist video has up-to-date figures from 2015:


Office for National Statistics (ONS)




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