Ageing Population

Case Study for Year 12 Population Unit

Title: Norway, UK, Spain: a comparison of three countries with ageing populations.

Typical AS exam question might be: “discuss the impacts a slow population growth has on MEDC countries” and this case study you should help you to:

Discuss the population structure of the the three named MEDC countries; the reasons for a slow population growth and an ageing population; the impacts of an ageing population; and the policy solutions to an ageing population.


Also see Spain / UK / Norway pages in Year 12 Population on this blog, for the comparative study you are doing.

UNITED NATIONS World Population Ageing:  1950-2050

UN documents on ageing  This link takes you to a page where each chapter of the document downloads a separate pdf file.

The UN population division also publishes “Population Facts” – a series of factsheets.

Population ageing and sustainable development (2014) is useful for an up-to-date global summary.

A-level demographic ageing case study material from “Geocases” Geography website:

Comparison of pension rates shows remarkable disparities, even between EC countries:



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