Spain population study

UN figures for Spain ageing population

BBC article: Ageing Spain’s Dilemma (2002)
Read this in full and note key point, “By 2050, Spain will have the highest average age in the world.”


1. “Is population ageing a systemic risk?”

Mapfre insurance analysis of ageing and dependency issues in Spain in the 21st century. Applies the demographic transition model to modern Spain. An excellent resource containing graphs, population pyramids and other useful data. Make sure you check out the date of the document and compare more recent data.

Here is the projected population pyramid for Spain 2025, as presented in the document. What are the features of projected demographic transition in Spain that strike you as most significant?


Population pyramids of the world to 2100. The Spain 2010 pyramid is here:


Check out what the American CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) says about Spain. The CIA provides accurate up-to-date figures on population and economics for all countries. The CIA also has a very good range of educational resources and provides information in all languages. Here are the Spanish pages

4. Franco period and background to present period: Spain & family policy: Celia Valente (1996)

5. A pro-life interpretation:

“If population trends continue apace, researchers say that Spain will cross the line to a nation that is literally dying, with the number of deaths outweighing births.

The National Statistics Institute (INE) published its findings in the report “Projections for the Spanish Population 2013-23,” released last month. They found that by 2017, there will be an estimated 397,714 births and 404,054 deaths.

Spain’s population is already in decline, plunging by 206,000 people last year, to 47.1 million.

The Mediterranean nation is experiencing a massive population change, due to a high immigrant population and a birthrate that ranks among Europe’s lowest.

Spain has a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 1.48 children per woman, below the 2.1 replacement level necessary to keep population stable. Only 10,000 native Spaniards were born in 2012.”

The above is from


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