UK population study

UN figures for UK ageing population:

Intergenerational Foundation document: The Challenge of an Ageing Population.  (This has links to other sources.)

Office for National Statistics document: Population Ageing in the United Kingdom

Population ageing in the UK and the EU: video (5 minutes)


The UK is in stage 4 (entering 5?) of the DTM. This means that birth rate and death rate will be of a similar low level, with life expectancy at an optimum point and more people continuing to live on into their old age. The statistics show that 10 million people are over 65 in the UK, with 5.5 million more expected by 2030. At this moment, 1 in 6 people are aged over 65; by 2050 this will be 1 in 4. Therefore, the UK can provide evidence for the impacts of an ageing population:

  • Pressure on pension system: There aren’t enough people of a working age to pay for an adequate and sustainable state pension for those retired. At this moment in the UK, 60% of the population pay taxes to the 16% that are retired. By 2030, only 56% of the population will be paying taxes towards 27% of the population that are retired.
  • More of the elderly forced into poverty – The state pension, being such a low amount, forces people to work longer or rely on savings, however, some people simply do not have the means to rely on such savings. As a result, some elderly people have stopped paying for things like as heating, which can have very harmful effects on health.
  • Pressure on health service – often, elder people are in greater need of medical attention and assistance than younger people. In 2007, the average number of nights spent by 75+ was 13, whereas the UK population as a whole was 8.

Over population in UK a problem?
See the following links dealing with this view:

Population decline? The opposite view:


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