Brazil internal migration

This case study is a “double-up” opportunity because you can use your research on the movement of rural to urban migrants in Brazil for this topic and also to underpin your case study of favelas when we turn to the topic of Settlement Dynamics (Human Core Topic 3). So thorough research will pay off twice.

What is rural-urban migration?

Rural-urban migration is the movement of people from the countryside to the city. This causes two things to happen: urban growth – towns and cities are expanding, covering a greater area of land; and rural depopulation, with an increasing proportion of people living in towns and cities. Mega cities – those with over 10 million people.

1 – case_study_Brazil_document to download and save a document about migration within Brazil

This will open up in PDF format. Make notes (don’t copy word for word) on the four investigation titles paying particular attention to the push and pull factors. You only need to look at the first four pages.

2 Rural-urban_migration_in LEDCs a one page summary schema with analysis of the causes and effects of rural to urban migration.

Use the above framework PLUS your own research to do the following:

a. Describe the push and pull factors influencing internal migration in Brazil.

b. Explain how and why conditions in Sao Paulo can decline with a rapid growth in urban population.


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