Geog KS3 Yr 7

Write today’s date in the margin 7th September 2016 and write the following title in your exercise book and underline it:

Welcome to Year 7 Geography on the GEOGBLOG !

This is the web address for the GEOGBLOG:

There will be links and information on the GEOGBLOG for your homework sometimes, and when we have looked at something on the internet in the lesson it will be added to the GEOGBLOG in case you want to look at it again.  This includes videos that we have watched in class.  For example, sometimes we will just see a short clip from a video and you can watch the whole video later if you want.


Our book for Year 7 Geography is called Foundations and we will cover all topics in the book during the year.  There is always more material in a book than we have lesson time to cover, so some topics will be shortened and sometimes changed to be more suited to our local geography.  For example Unit 6 The United Kingdom will be shortened considerably, and there will be added material in other parts of the course that focus on local geography examples, for example drought in Alicante in Unit 3 and Benidorm urban transport in Unit 4.  All will become clear as we continue!

We will begin with Unit 1, What is Geography?  Write that title in your book now then read page 4 “What is this Unit about?”


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