Benidorm Tram Project

Urban public transport

In our book KEY GEOGRAPHY Foundations, Unit 4 we have been studying Urbanisation.  We have looked at the problems of traffic in urban areas and the way trams were used as urban transport in the past.


Tram crossing Westminster Bridge in 1950s


Tram in Holborn London in the 1950s

Trams disappeared from many cities in the mid-20th century, but they have been brought back in some cities to provide a new solution to urban traffic problems.  In your book (page 67) the example given is the tram system in Manchester.


Manchester tram

Costa Blanca tren/tram

Here is the Costa Blanca we are familiar with the “tren/tram” which is a mixture of two things: the traditional train line from Alicante to Denia has been adapted for a tram type vehicle which serves as urban transport at the southern end in Alicante.


Tren tram at Luceros station in Alicante

The line extends from Alicante to Denia, with an electric system as far as Benidorm, then a diesel powered train on the old (wider) track to Denia.


Urban tram system for Benidorm

Our Year 7 project involves urban town planning for Benidorm. Working in a group of four students, with a town plan of Benidorm, you will plan two tram routes through the streets of Benidorm:

  1. Green Route A starting at Benidorm railway station and finishing near the Bali Hotel either on Poniente beach or another road higher up the hill.
  2. Red Route B starting at Benidorm railway station and finishing on the Levante beach at the Rincon.Lesson 1 Individual research:
    Study the plan of Benidorm and roughly work out two routes from the railway station.  Start with Green Route A.  Write the names of the streets and what are the useful places where you might put your tram stops.

    Now do the same for Red Route B.


    Homework: Tram Route Guide




    When passengers plan their journey on the tram, they will need a simple guide to the direction of the line and the stops.  Here is a schematic type plan showing the Tren/Tram from Alicante to Benidorm.  You are going to do a similar guide for your proposed Route A and Route B.




    Here is a map of Benidorm to help you complete your Routes.  Then do your Plan on a complete page of your book.  Use horizontal, vertical or 45 degree lines in green for Route A and red for Route B.  Write in the names of stops, just like on the Tren/Tram plan.

    Lesson 3 Group work:
    This stage involves working in a  Town Hall urban transport planning team of four.  You will discuss your ideas and agree on plans for the two routes, drawing them onto a master plan of Benidorm, with the stops identified.

    Lesson 4 Group Presentation:
    Communicating your plans to the rest of the class, you must explain the route and the reasons for your group’s decisions on the routes and the stops.