5. Costa Blanca maps

Maps of Benidorm can be useful for local geography work. Here is a selection.
Google map of Benidorm: direct link to Google Benidorm sector.
Benidorm old town street map – useful for geography work on Benidorm CBD.

The map below shows historic urban expansion in the old town. (Map credit: Francisco Amillo, histobenidorm.blogspot.com.es)
urban expansion in benidorm

3D Map of Benidorm – useful to pinpoint particular buildings.
Benidorm copy
Benidorm map dated Paris, 1732. Section of a chart showing various locations on the coast. Original can be seen here.

Costa Blanca maps

Marina Alta & Marina Baja http://www.inmocostablanca.com/Marina-Alta-Marina-Baja-map-large.htm

Sierra Aitana digital maps (commercial site for purchasing maps on CD-ROM)

Librería Desnivel Marina Baixa map (commercial site for purchasing maps).


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