Costa Blanca water study


In the Amadorio reservoir, the old road bridge from Orxeta to Vila Joiosa was under water and had not been seen for years until 2012.  It has been high and dry since the drought began

The recent drought (2012-2016… and continuing?) took an interesting turn in December with a whole year’s rainfall drowning us in just a few days before the Christmas holiday.  The Year 9 study of the water system of Benidorm and Marina Baja starts with the drought and then continues with an examination of local water supply and demand.  This involves the physical and human geography of the surrounding area.

To see more about this, follow the development of our project on the Year 9 pages of this blog: Costa Blanca Climate

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GCSE field trip to the Sierra Aitana


Setting off from the Font de Partagat, we made a decision to keep to our original plan – although there was some cloud on the Aitana ridge.  This was the right decision in the end because the cloud was intermittent through the day, allowing safe walking conditions for the walk along the ridge.  Looking down from the highest point in the region, it was possible to monitor incoming cloud and continually assess the safety.


The Simas de Partagat were not seen by all the students, as some had become too tired after a 3.5 kilometer walk uphill and they did not want to continue to the intended goal.  They remained with one member of staff while the remaining nine continued to the Simas de Partagat.






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