Maps Index

Local maps for Benidorm and Costa Blanca can be found in the local maps section of the blog.

London maps

1700 Map of London Early plan of London, in French. Key reference table identifying 113 locations throughout London.

1868 Map of London. One of the most highly detailed maps available on the internet. Main file contains segments of London street plan 1868 which can be selected for higher magnification.

MAPCO provides students and historians with free access to high quality scans of rare and beautiful antique maps and

Ordnance Survey maps

United Kingdom maps

UK statistical maps from the Office of National Statistics

Europe Maps

Maps of Europe showing population density , language groupings, social and political distribution, etc.

World Maps
1824 ~ Impolicy Of Slavery Map ~ In the “Anti-slavery” chart of the world the primary argument against the slave trade is based on the economic burden to the British population in paying duties to support the production of “Slave grown Sugar”. This argument was commonly used at the time, in conjunction with contempt for the degrading treatment of slaves kept as property by white masters, to argue the case for the abolition of slavery.


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